Coralie Thabot
At the age of 11, Coralie buys her first camera. From that moment on, the two were inseparable.

After her first explorations with the camera, she refined her gift for photography by receiving a City & Guilds diploma in June 2004. During this time, she discovered her guiding influences (Steve McCurry, Harry Gruyaert, David Harvey), and chose her specialty: travel photography. It has become the genre in which she excels and in which she continues to experiment across all continents. Beginning in England, where she has lived for the past eight years, then throughout Europe. Empowered by her first experiences in the world and with other cultures, she continues to travel and enlarge her book, in the United States, Africa, Asia and in Oceania.

Though travel photography represents the essential part of her work, she has not hesitated to undertake other forms of this art and has worked as a freelance photographer for musicians such as Francis Rodino and the Errorplains.

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Alcatraz, California, USA Brighton, England Mahia, NZ
El Qaasr, Egypt Phnom Pehn, Cambodia Seville, Spain
San Diego, California, USA London, England Ban Long, Cambodia
San Francisco, California, USA Rochester, England Phnom Pehn, Cambodia